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R. Ebeling (rebeling)

As a former homeschooler and current M.Ed. student, I believe that I have a unique perspective on learning and education that clearly qualifies me, at the very least, to blog about it. Although I experienced a traditional education in college, I feel that some of the most meaningful educational experiences I have had occurred because I broke away from or rebelled against convention. Hence, the inspiration for the name of this blog. While it puns with my first and last name and helps convey this blog’s purpose, I think that I should say (before I disappoint anyone further) that I’m not really the rebellious type. My main purpose, in fact, is to bring people together by helping them become more innovative and independent thinkers.

A quick word about the picture. That’s me on the right posing with my friend Chris in front of a poster that says: “Behold the turtle—it makes progress by sticking out its neck.” Obviously, that’s what Chris and I are trying to do in the picture (however awkward that may be) and that’s what we’ll all be trying to do here on this blog. Hopefully sticking out our neck will not result, as it did during the French revolution, in the guillotine.


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